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Online Banking FAQ

I have forgot my online banking password. How can I reset it?

After entering in your online banking username, select Forgot ? and follow the on screen prompts to reset your password. 

I don’t have Online Banking access, how can I get one?

From our website select Online Banking Login at the top right. Once the login screen pops up, select Enroll Now from the menu below. To self-enroll we must have a matching email address on file for you. If we do not, you can contact any branch to have an Online Access set up for you.

I’m having trouble logging in to my Online Access or accessing certain features. What now?

We only support the current release of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Older versions may be denied access. You may also try clearing Cache and Cookies from your supported browser. Once this is complete, exit all browsers and then relaunch. 

I received an email with an attachment to my statement, but I'm unable to retrieve the statement. How do I view it?

To Access any document sent via E-delivery, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your device. You can access 16 months of documents by logging into your online access and selecting Documents

How do I update my email address?

Log into your Online Banking Access, select Settings under your User Profile. In order to change sensitive information, you must provide your password.