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First Robinson Savings Bank Trust Services takes a careful, attentive approach to meet your needs and wishes. Our experts can ensure you are provided for, and your estate is handled with care. We utilize effective strategies to minimize taxes, so there is more to use as you see fit.

Darby Dishong

Senior Trust Officer, CTFA

Robinson, IL


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Tony Pleasant

Trust Officer, CTFA

Robinson, IL


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What Is a Trust?

  • A legal agreement in which you transfer assets into the trust.
  • This trust and its assets are managed by a trustee, such as First Robinson Savings Bank.
  • We, the trustee, administer the trust for your benefit, or for the benefit of others.

Why Consider a Trust?

  • Unlike a will, a trust agreement is a private document.
  • A trust can continue after death and avoid the costs associated with probating your estate.
  • A trust can protect you against disability.

Types of Trusts

  • Living Trust — created during your lifetime, usually for your benefit. You may change your trust as your needs change.
  • Testamentary Trust — created by a provision in your will. As with Living Trusts, a Testamentary Trust can provide asset protection and management services for your beneficiaries.
  • Self-Declared or Standby Trust — a living trust where you serve as trustee for as long as you desire or are able. You may name a successor trustee to take over management of your trust when you no longer serve as trustee. Again, the assets of your trust and their final disposition remain private.

First Robinson Trust Services has been thoughtfully and efficiently administering estates for generations. We take the meaning of trust to heart, giving you and your family peace of mind.

When named as the Executor or Personal Representative to settle your estate, our administration services include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following responsibilities:

  • Locating, assigning value, and safekeeping all estate assets
  • Managing estate assets during the course of settling the estate
  • Paying debts and final expenses of the decedent
  • Utilizing strategies to minimize estate taxes
  • Filing any necessary income, estate, and inheritance tax returns
  • Preparing detailed accountings and other reports as required by the court
  • Working with attorneys, accountants, and family members during the estate settlement process
  • Distributing estate assets as specified under the will

First Robinson Savings Bank will also serve as Agent for the Executor or Personal Representative. In this case, the named Executor delegates the record keeping duties to the Agent, but still retains his/her authority as Executor.


First Robinson Savings Bank serves as Guardian of the Estate of a minor or disabled adult, with court appointment. Our role as Guardian is limited to property only; we do not serve as Guardian of the Person. Guardianships cease at the death of the disabled person, or upon the minor attaining legal age (age 18 in Illinois).

Custodial Agencies

First Robinson Savings Bank is named as custodial agent in an agency agreement that we provide. Our custodial clients receive safekeeping of assets, income collection, distribution of income or principal (as directed in the agency agreement), cash management, and collection of asset proceeds at maturity. You retain all investment discretion and supervision.

Managed Agencies

Assets are transferred to First Robinson Savings Bank for full management services. We work with you to determine your goals and objectives, risk tolerance, income needs, time horizon, and income tax considerations. Based upon these criteria, we customize your portfolio to most effectively meet your financial objectives.