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Add your First Robinson Savings Bank debit card to your Mobile Wallet. You’ll easily be able to make quick and secure payments with just your smartphone or smart watch!

Using Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, or Samsung Pay™, you can travel lighter, leaving bulky wallets and bags at home. You’ll even keep your individual card’s protections and rewards — whether those payments are processed in stores, online, or in-apps.

Mobile Wallet is a smartphone app that can store various payment methods. While some phones come with a wallet app already stored (such as Apple® devices), others are found in the device's app store. These electronic wallets can link to multiple payment methods, including gift cards, loyalty reward cards, and various debit and credit cards.

Now, you can add your First Robinson Savings Bank debit card info to your Mobile Wallet — and leave the bulky wallet at home.

Mobile Wallet Perks

  • Fast, free, and secure payment method for customers*
  • Free to use on Apple®, Android® or Samsung™ smartphones
  • Most Apple® devices come with a pre-installed Mobile Wallet
  • Can be used for purchases In-store, Online, or In-app
  • Protections afforded to cardholders extend to their Mobile Wallet use too
  • Actual card numbers aren't stored on phone or shared with merchants (it's safer!)

How to Use a Mobile Wallet

Setting up your Mobile Wallet is easy.

1. Determine if your smart device comes with a Mobile Wallet app. Download the product's Mobile Wallet app from its app store if it does not.

2. Add methods of payment to your Mobile Wallet, by following the app instructions.

3. For questions or more details, consult the Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, or Samsung Pay™ websites.

Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay™ are each unique and update often. In order to provide you with the most current information, we offer the following links:

Learn more about Apple Pay®

Learn more about Google Pay®

Learn more about Samsung Pay™

Make Purchases In-Store, Online and In-App

  • In stores, look for the Contactless Payment symbol () at check-out. Simply tap or hover your iPhone®, Apple Watch®, or Android™ phone over it.
  • Online purchases are quick as a click where you see the Apple Pay (), or Google Pay() , and Samsung Pay™ () symbols.
  • In-app purchases are a breeze! No payment info to enter, just a few clicks to confirm your payment and you’re done.

*Wireless carrier data rates may apply.