Sponsored Events

When there is a need in our community, we are there to provide help – whether as a monetary contribution, volunteer time, or establishing a fundraiser.

We are proud of our standing as a leading donor to local charities and civic organizations. We believe in building communities for a better way of life and strong economy for future generations. We support our local schools by paying for several school-related services, student handbooks, t-shirts, and more. Our FREE "MoneyIsland" financial education product is another extension of our commitment to our youth's education and financial well-being.

First Robinson Savings Bank supports a number of organization in the Wabash Valley. One of our most popular activities are our famous fundraising cookouts. Our events reach out to several groups including Robinson Police Canine Unit, Crawford Memorial Hospital, Oblong Chamber of Commerce, as well as churches and individuals with life threatening illnesses.

And, we are not through.

Our commitment to Crawford County remains strong. We are a "REAL COMMUNITY BANK". If you are banking with any other bank in the area, take a look and see how active they are in the area. Does your bank "walk the talk", or simply "talk the talk"?

We are here for you.

Past Events


July 19, 2014 - Fight for Finley Fundraiser

Type: Fundraiser

Location: Quail Creek Country Club

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June 25-27, 2014 - Meyers Leonard Basketball Camp

Type: Youth Sports Camp

Location: Robinson High School Gymnasium

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